A little given, little lost away

A little glimpse into the void of pain

This is my daily


A little slip, a little casual rage

A little red covered with black in case

This is my daily



My heart is a gun that I’ll point at anyone

frozen steel and oiled slick

My words are bullets that I’ll shoot all over town

hollow point and counterfeit


Do you see what you did to me?


Thought I could keep control I can't keep control

Cause every time I make you bleed

Thought I could only hurt myself

But everyone is now my casualty


My eyes are daggers that could slice through anything

Razor-edged and spotless

I am a weapon. I am a danger to everything that I love

I am brutal and I am callous


The  Floor


I don't have the smile that came so easily a long long time ago

One that my mother used to love so much before I let it go


I'm taking back my life today, I'll be the ruler of my thoughts today

Before my body hits the floor


You thought that I made something of myself, I’ll show you empty hands

It’s like the sun climbing into my eyes, too bright to understand



I’ve got this hunger

Eating me from inside


But you’ve got my number

And you will call me out


And I thought you’d caught me

Left me in a dirty cage

Turns out you love me

Wish I hadn't got my way

You’re cutting through these wires

These branches and these briars

Walking through my wildfire

Even though I’m an animal


I'm not that lover

I’m nobody’s way home


I am that fighter

And I’ll take this on alone



I trace the walls breaking all her picture frames

Hammer to the glass can’t have her trapped that way

Can’t keep the things I love distanced by a windowpane

My heart’s got a body, oh my heart’s got a name


I pace the floor dreaming of her hair let down

Pen to the paper how can I draw her out?

Can't take the one I love and turn her into something more

My heart can't be contained; no my heart's more than words


Why do I, feel so crazy

Why do I, feel so alive


I don’t want to leave you again

I can’t let you vanish

I need your breath on my neck, your head on my chest

I can’t keep loving stand-ins




If I am the sea, she set fire to my depths

Plumbing the deep, igniting the abyss

If I am the sun, she inhaled my light

Leaving me to decay, until I lit up I lit up


So the fire burns, yes we let it burn

Everything we have to say, every word is kerosene

And so the fire burns, oh we watch it burn

Everything we have away, every move is a mistake


If I am the rose, he blistered my roots

Ripping my petals onto the pyre

If I am the moon, he drowned me in firelight

Eclipsing my radiance, until it faded, until it faded away


Bring the Rain


Our hands bound by flame, our crimes are the same



Tell me a little about your daily grind

Baby do you love it, oh oh, do you love it, oh oh

Some days never seem to end in time, but

You never panic? oh no, you never panic, oh no


You have what you want now

Do you know what you need?

Don't wait another second pleas


Make excuses and apologize

You’re still sick of every moment that’s been passing by

You held your tongue, you were scared because

Every punch in was a punch out

where does that leave us | now?


I see the venom flowing through your veins

Baby do you feel it, oh oh, do you feel it, oh oh

These days you know your problems by name, but

You play the victim, oh no, still a victim, oh no


Crows and Wolves

I see my life written out in stone, a picture and memories of heavy chains

My mind’s been trapped inside my home, the smallest room is where I wake

I’m haunted by a constant dream, stories of glory fill my head

But suddenly both of my knees feel weak, and I’m forced back to my bed


My heart’s been waiting here so long, it’s starting to break itself apart

I fear my soul’s been getting restless, a slave to sitting in the dark

I tell myself someday I’ll leave, I’ll leave to fight for all my dreams

I’ve always known how it will be, In my future I see


The crows, and the wolves,

are ready for the show

But I’ll be endless miles away

I’ll be endless miles away


So far they’ll never know

I’m so far they’ll never know


Finally walking through the door, today’s the day that I escape

But quickly I fall to the floor, a symptom of many mistakes

And then I felt you take my hand, and pull me up past all the pain

You looked straight at me and said, today’s the day we run away  



I used to spend all my time

Writing countless wishful rhymes

I used to waste my breath

To sing to those I thought were mine


I’ve been giving cold shoulders

Telling lovers that it’s over

I’m making room for you inside

I’ve been waiting for the moment

Trying to keep my dry composure

I’m not hunting for a silver prize


Shot down by an arrow

Straight to the marrow

With one fatal motion, focus, lethal in your eyes

Arrow, Shot down by an arrow


I gave up chasing names

Giving numbers away, unpaid

I gave up chasing doors

But I didn’t even notice you at my own  


Giving Tree

Tipping over my lonely throne

Taking fruit and growing gold

I’ll give it all to you.


Twisting bark to form your crown

Spinning leaves into your royal gown

I’ll give it all to you.


I gave you my all, but it was not mine to give

I gave you my all, but it was not mine to give


Cut down my trunk and sail away

Leave me here a shade of grey

I’ll give it all to you


I gave you my all, but it was not mine to give

I gave you my all, but it was not mine to give

I gave you my all, but it was not mine to give

I gave you my all, but it was not mine to give


Could I plant myself? Can a forest grow without water, without seed?

Do I own myself? I belong only to those, who ask nothing of me.


I gave you my all, but I was not mine to give

I gave you my all, but I was not mine to give


Drag Me through

Drag me up the edge, up to the ledge, up the crumbling precipice

Drag me up to the water, up to the altar, up to the broken promises

Drag me down to the beaten, down to the weakened, down to the shattered hopefulness


Drag me through, so I can see

Drag me through, so I can breathe


Drag me under the light, under the night, under the stars burning out

Drag me under the fall, under the call, under the stones crying out

take me over the pain, and over the shame, I’m crying


Copyright 2012-2017 SKYWARD

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